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Let's make a new web browser!

Today's web browsers don't meet our needs.

We've got about four web browsers to choose them. On the technical side, they're massively innovative — they're doing incredible things with Javascript interpreter implementation these days.

But in terms of user interface, they're all the same. They're all equally dismal when it comes to dealing with millions of tabs, or multitasking efficiently, or getting rid of common web annoyances. When was the last time a web browser introduced a new feature you didn't know you needed?

Let's brainstorm a better browser.

We're looking for ideas on how to build a web browser that's radically different from what we've seen before. We've got some ideas — but we need yours.

We're building it.

We've got a tiny, basic prototype of a browser with some new ideas. We're not married to any of them — but we're set on breaking up with the old blueprint for what a browser has to look like.

We want your ideas. And we want you to play with ours.

We want everyone's ideas for what web browsers should fix. Contribute your idea. We're asking everyone to contribute an idea, before downloading our prototype. Maybe you'll see your idea in a new build soon!